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Purpose of This Website

I began, in 2010, writing "Tonochi's Audio Room" in order to put my experiences as an audiophile in writing. I am only an amateur, though, I have experienced many things in my hobby, DIY audio, since 1970. Now I have my own point of view and methods in this field. I believe showing my experiences to public is meaningful in any way for people who are interesting in DIY audio. I'd appreciate if readers would refer to this website as a helpful information.

I wish that not only experienced audiophiles but beginners and music lovers visit this website.
I was originally a liberal arts student. Now I can design circuits, PCBs and simple mechanisms. My designs may not as good as ones designed by professional engineers, but my audio equipment is as good as my friends praise very highly. Anyone with enthusiasm can build his/her own unique audio devices. I'd be very happy if any readers would take up DIY audio by being inspired by this website.

This website is originally written in Japanese. I would like this website to be read by non-Japanese people. So I created this English version. The contents are the same as Japanese version.
These days, machine translation (automatic translation) technology is advancing in quality, though, I translate my website by myself, because I'd like to express my opinion by my own words.
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Pages on This Website

This website contains the pages shown below:

Page title Contents
Top page [Go] The top page of this website "Tonochi's Audio Room II".
Info This page; it explains the purpose of this website, and introduces pages here.
Gaudi II
The page of the DIY audio system Gaudi II; Gaudi II is the main subject of this website. This page gives a detailed explanation of the system. In addition, it also gives the current status and the history of Gaudi II.
The page of NOBODY, which is my private brand; I give the brand name to my DIY audio devices used in Gaudi and Gaudi II. This page introduces all NOBODY works from the first one to the latest.
Misc Info
The page of miscellaneous topics concerning audio; This page includes my own methods and theories, called Tonochi Method and Tonochi Theory, respectively. It also contains terminology, references and information about tools for DIY audio.
Profile [Go] The page of Tonochi's profile; it includes his biography, experiences and hobbies other than audio.
Email & Link [Go] Email form for your comment to Tonochi and links to other websites Tonochi recommends.

Link to the Old Website

This website is a sequel of the old version (Ver. 1) "Tonochi's Audio Room".
Here's the link to the old website.


In this website, Tonochi provides technical information about audio devices he designed. But he won't guarantee the design quality, because he is not a professional engineer.
Tonochi won't take responsibilty if the reader isn't satisfied with the sound quality of the device he/she has built according to Tonochi's design. Tonochi won't take responsibility either if the reader suffers any damage by a trouble and/or an accident that may occur in building and/or use of his/her devices based on Tonochi's design.