PE-114 Petit

2019/01/22 created
2019/01/22 updated

Stereo Phono Equalizer Amplifier

PE-114 Petit rendering
Features Phono EQ amp for MC Cartridge, op amps (LT1115 x2, LT1010 x2) are used
Outline specifications Circuit type: NF (closed-loop) type. Gain: 60 dB (@1 kHz). Input impedance: 100 ohms. Power supply: Lithium-Ion Batteries.
Dimensions Amp unit: 300mm(W) x 100mm(H) x 150mm(D), Weight: 1kg.
Power supply unit: 200mm(W) x 60mm(H) x 150mm(D), Weight: 1kg.
Cost (TBD)
History Designed in 2012-13, planned to start building in 2018. The design is currently being reconsidered.



This amp was planned as a phono EQ amplifier to be used in Gaudi II, when the system design of Gaudi II was still in the early stage.
At that time, I regarded the digital media as the main source of Gaudi II. So I planned the separate phono EQ amp instead of one to be built in the preamplifier.

After thorough consideration, I changed my mind and chose the analog disc as the main source of Gaudi II. I've decided to bulid a preamplifier with a built-in phono EQ stage.
I'm not going to use PE-114 in Gaudi II, but build it for use in the subsystem in the study room. And, I'd like to compare the sound quality of PE-114 with that of the phono EQ stage built in the preamplifier, because I'm going to design a different circuit for the latter one.

Nickname and Theme Music

I named this amp Petit. It means small or cute in French. It has nearly the same meaing of English word "little". The Japanese counterpart "Puchi" is often used in Japanese too. "Puchi zeitaku" (meaning "a little luxury") is a typical usage. While seeing the model number (PE-114) of this amp, I came up with this word.
The theme music was Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. I chose this because the German "klein" is the word for petit. The recording is performed by the famous French orchestra, Piyar Chamber Orchestra (CD, Classic Library - Haydn/Mozart, BMG CPL 3002B).
--- Eine Kleine Nachtmusik ---

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