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Welcome to Tonochi's Audio Room II!

This website offers various kinds of information about DIY audio.
Tonochi, a veteran audiophile, introduces his experiences and ideas about DIY audio with detailed information about his works.

The true charm of DIY audio is improving sound quality with your own idea and device, and creating a paradise in your room by building an audio system that perfectly matches your taste and preference.
If you're an amateuer, it is so hard to realize that. Nevertheless, struggling to make your audio system better is even a joy of this hobby.

This webpage is a sequel to "Tonochi's Audio Room" opened in December 2010.
I'm taking the 8th year as a turning point and renewed the website. The new one is aimed at a more reader-friendly and easy-to-understand website.
See the page "Info" for the theme and the construction of this website (click the button below).


The old version (Ver. 1) of "Tonochi's Audio Room" has been moved to the URL shown below:
[2022/03/19] {The old website is not compatible with today's browsers, so I've closed it}

My DIY audio system named Gaudi was the main subject in the old website. In this new website, the upgraded system, Gaudi II (Gaudi Ver. 2.0), is the main subject.


Gaudi II has been upgraded (Rev.2.2)
Loudspeaker SS-309 has been improved
Gaudi II has been upgraded (Rev.2.12)
Supplemental info "Review of VENU360" has been added
The revision number is employed for the actual Gaudi II system
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