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Music Travel

Here's the link to the website of a music lovers' group "Music Travel".
Music Travel holds vinyl record concerts around the country. They hold the events twice a year at Koushinkan in Mizuho-machi, Tokyo, where I live. I have been participating the events at Koshinkan since December 2014.
[Listen to music from around the world MUSIC TRAVEL (]

The audio system used for the record concert has a very good sound quality and is top class I have ever experienced. For more information, see [Misc Info]-[Topics]-[Which Audio System Has the Highest Sound Quality?].

Lenco Heaven

A German reader kindly introduced me and my homepage to an international Internet forum "Lenco Heaven".
Lenco Heaven is a forum for users of Lenco turntables, where participants exchange ideas and comments not only about turntables but other topics related to audio.
[Lenco Heaven]

Mr. Owen' Blog Page

Mr. Owen, who is a DIY audiophile in New Zealand, and I have agreed to place a link to each other's website. Here's the link to his blog page:
[DarkLantern (]

He is well versed in technologies for loudspeakers, analog disc players and tube amplifiers, and introduces his works on his blog page. His explanation is easy to understand with many pictures and references.

Speaker no Jozu na Narashi-kata (Know-how on Loudspeakers)

It is the website of Mr. Takashi Tanase, a professional PA engineer. Techniques for improving sound quality are explained in detail along with abundant measured data. In particular, commentary on how to build and adjust the multi-amp system is very helpful for me.

efu's Page

It's Mr. efu's webpage, who is well-known among audiophiles. He offers PC software related to Wave file free of charge. I am using his waveform generation software WaveGene.