2019/01/18 created
2021/11/29 updated

What is NOBODY?

NOBODY is a private brand for Tonochi's DIY audio equipment. Just to be sure, please note that it is not a name of a company or an organization.

I've been giving this brand to the audio devices used in Gaudi and Gaudi II. Now I also give it to the devices used in Kinglet.

Origin of the Name

When I started Gaudi Project, I gave only model numbers to my works such as MA-201, PA-202... As the number of the works increased, I wanted a brand name. I selected the word 'NOBODY' in my early twenties (around 1980), if I remember correctly.

Inmy belief, audio equiment is just a measure to reproduce music, and it's not the leading character; The true leading character is music; The audio equipment should be inconspicuous like kuroko(a stage assistant dressed in black) in kabuki theater. Nobody means no existence. This is the reason why I chose the word.

I fixed the logotype of NOBODY and began affixing it on my works in 2003. The first work having the logo is PA-210 Simplicity.



Literally, it means "I am not anyone!"
It is based on my belief that audio devices should be inconspicuous like a kuroko (a stage assistant in Kabuki theater dressed in black). I myself am an inconspicuous man, so I think it is a catchphrase suitable for me.
On the other hand, it also means NOBODY-branded audio devices are unique and can't be stereotyped.

On the previous version of my website (Tonochi's Audio Room), the following phrase was used as a catchphrase.

NOBODY can exceed the edge!

If you interpret NOBODY as a pronoun, it means "no one can exceed that edge", but interpreting it as a proper noun, it means "NOBODY can exceed that edge." In other words, only NOBODY can go beyound the edge that no one can exceed.

This is too arrogant, so I changed the catchphrase.
Anyway, I don't intend to be audacious. This catch phrase is a half-joke copy.


The model #1 through #15 are audio devices built for Gaudi, except #12 (SS-312). SS-312 was built for the subsystem for the study room (the subsytem was named Kinglet in April 2019).
The model #16 or later are devices built for Gaudi II.
(To jump to the page of each device, click the image)


Model Numbering System

Every NOBODY-branded work has its unique model number. The model number is defined as shown in the table below.
For example, the first work, which is a power (main) amplifier, is MA-201. A suffix (A, B, C, ...) is added after the equipment is greatly improved. MA-201 has been improved three times, so the current model number for it is MA-201C.

First two letters Third letter Fourth letter Fifth & sixth letters Suffix
[Device name]
AR: Audio rack
CC: Control center
CD: Channel divider (crossover network)
HA: MC head amp
MA: Power (main) amp
MV: Master volume
PA: Preamp
PE: Phono EQ amp
PS: Player system
SS: Speaker system, speaker subsystem
- (hyphen) [Category]
1: Player
2: Amp
3: Speaker
4: Accessory
[Serial number] [Revision]
A, B, C, ...


Design Policy

I have also changed the design policy (for the former design policy, please visit the previous page ... here).

  • The specifications of the NOBODY audio device must conform to the system design of Gaudi II (excluding a device for subsystem).
  • The design should be simple, composed of the small-as-possible number of parts, and not using costly parts.
  • Do not take excessive margin.
  • Come up with various ideas in order to realize "Goal of Gaudi II".
  • Measurement must be made according to Tonochi method (some data are measured under stricter conditions than industrial standards).
  • The final evaluation must be made by listening trials (sound quality is the criterion). Data like THD, SNR, etc. are considered to be reference data only.
  • The target useful life is 50 years. Amplifiers should be usable for 25 years or longer without any maintenance.