Audio subsystem Kinglet

Kinglet was originally a nameless audio subsystem which consisted of used audio devices and was used for background music in my study room. Recently, it has been improved so much to be a high-quality audio system that can be used for music appreciation. It is also used for checking power amplifiers and some audio experiments. It lives up to my expectation. So, I gave it the name ‘Kinglet’.

Please see the following PDF for details.
[Audio subsystem Kinglet (Kinglet_en.pdf)]

[2021/04/20 added] {results of system-level measurement have been added in the PDF}


About PC-based Audio

Here is Tonochi's experience about PC-based audio.

The contents of this supplemental info were reprinted from my previous homepage 'Tonochi's Audio Room'. The original was written in May 2015.
The subject is my experience about PC-based audio between 2004 and 2014. During the period, I underrated PC-based audio. This info includes some good lessons. So, I've reprinted it.

Please see the following PDF for details.
[About PC-based Audio (PCaudio_en.pdf)]


How to Use REW


PC app "Room EQ Wizard (REW)" is a very useful tool for acoustic measurement. I've just began using it and aren't an prefessional, but I documented how to use it for future use. Particularly, I focused on quasi-anechoic measurement.

Please see the following PDF for details.
[How to Use REW]