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About Me

About My Handle Name

TonochiJust after I got married, I requested my wife to call me Tono, which means 'master' in Japanese, But she came to call me Tono-chan or Tonochi, which are more casual expression. I reluctantly accepted them as my nickname. Needless to say, soon she came to wear the pants in my family.
Now I use Tonochi as my handle name.

Biographical Outline

I was born in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan in 1957. I grew up in Kanagawa Prefecture.
I graduated from the Faculty of Literature of Tokyo Metropolitan University in 1982. I majored in psychology.
From 1982 to 2009, I was a computer engineer, engaged in research and development of hardware and firmware.
In 2009, I retired as an engineer due to a health problem.
From 2009 to 2012, I worked as an office clerk.
In June, 2012, I quit my job due to the health problem. I took early retirement.
Now I live in a suburb of Tokyo with my wife.

Audio Experience

In 1967, when I was ten years old, my uncle let me listened to his stereo set manufactured by Trio (Kenwood). I was surprised by its vivid sound. I knew a machine could play music so vividly for the first time in my life. I became interested in audio.
In 1969, I listened to a live performance of an orchestra for the first time at an event held by my elementary school. I was overwhelmed by its dynamic sound. I was inspired to obtain an audio system that could reproduce the sound of the orchestra.
In 1970, I bought a 3-band radio, Sony IC-11 Black and the stereo adaptor for it with money I had earned by a part-time job. It was my first stereo audio system.
In 1971, I took up making audio equipment under influence of my cousin, who is five years older than me. My first work was a pair of loudspeakers of which driver was Fostex FE103. I used them as external speakers of IC-11B.
in 1972, I made my first tube power amplifier (6BM8s), which was designed by a late critic Tetsuo Nagaoka.
in 1974, I designed the audio system Gaudi. I started making audio equipment branded NOBODY.
For further information, see the pages of Gaudi and NOBODY.

My hobbies other than audio


I have owned various motor cycles: Honda DAX 70 (1974-1979), Suzuki K-125 (1975), Honda CB250T (1976-1978), Yamaha XS750 Special(1980-1984), Honda XLX250R(1984-1994), Kawasaki KLE250 Anhelo (1994-2012)

2010/05/16 KLE250 Anhelo

In May, 2012, I gave up riding motorcycles, because I no longer have enough physical strength. I am so much attached to my Kawasaki KLE250 Anhelo, which I rode to many precious places such as Hokkaido without any major troubles for the past 18 years. I want to say thank you to Anhelo from the bottom of my heart.

English language

I passed some examinations related to English proficiency: STEP's Test Pre-first Grade (1994), Translation Skill Test Third Grade (1998), TOEIC 940 (2010).

I am a typical English learner in Japan; I am very good at reading, writing and listening, though, not at speaking. I am not good at speaking even in Japanese. Though I have passed the primary test of STEP First Grade (reading, writing and listening tests), the secondary test (speaking test) is far above my head. I am not good at making a speech. But I don't want to give up. I want to try again in my late 50s after inventing some effective training method and training myself.

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